Party Menus

We cater for events, celebrations, special dinners and parties of 10 to 50 people with pleasure any time of the morning, afternoon, and evening. Let us know your ideas or allow us to inspire you. We can combine anything on our restaurant & dessert menus and drinks menu in a package to suit your budget and style of celebration.

Celebrate your birthday, wedding, engagement, first day in a new job, last day at school, new job, pay rise, birth of a new baby, or the weekend with friends and family!

Here are just two ideas for food choice. These may be mixed and matched too. We can also provide a selection of drinks to suit your taste & budget.



Mixed starters

Stir-fried mixed seafood
Stir-fried roasted duck with cashews
Phat broccoli
Egg fried rice or plain noodles

Banana fritter & ice cream

Tea or coffee

£19.50/ person



Mixed starters

Red or Green curry with chicken
Beef with garlic & peppers
Mixed vegetables
Egg fried rice or plain noodles

Any dessert from our dessert menu

Tea or coffee

£24.50/ person